Life is full of road blocks. Illness, transition, grief and loss are all part of being human. But suffering alone doesn’t need to be.

We’re an emerging community of qualified support people dedicated to companioning Australians through life’s difficult times. Our approach pairs a person who needs to talk with someone who knows how to listen.

Social Health Practitioners support people who are alone as well as those who have family and friends nearby, because sometimes the conversations we need can be hard to have with the people we love the most.

Meaning, purpose and connection; one conversation at a time.



Early in my stay in the hospital I was approached by a guy who offered me his ‘time’ if I wanted to talk about my experience. He said he was there to support people who ticked the ‘no religion’ box. But what did he want? What was he selling? To my great surprise and relief, the answer was nothing. He came to me with no agenda. He listened, we shared experiences, and he provided a ‘sounding board’ for all that was swirling through my mind. What he gave me was human connection.

John Davey, former patient and Secular Spiritual Care Network, Advisory Board Member