Meaningful Human Connection

Social Health Australia brings forward innovative approaches to companioning people in crisis and combating the growing problems of social isolation and loneliness.

Our mission is to make times of transition, uncertainty and loss not only less debilitating, but also opportunities for building resilience and creating community.

Dealing with life’s difficulties is part of being human. Dealing with them alone doesn’t need to be.

Who We Are

Social Health Australia is an independent, unaligned charity dedicated to making social-emotional-existential support more widely available, especially for those impacted by social isolation and loneliness.

What We Do

Social Health Australia works to cultivate compassion – which literally means ‘to suffer together’ – so that any person in crisis can feel heard and understand that their circumstances are part of our shared humanity.

How We Do It

Social Health Australia engages with other organisations to ensure that frontline practitioners, whether working within institutions or at the community level, paid or volunteer, have the competencies and support to take on this important work.

Why We Do It

Social Health Australia was born out of the need to restore the many connections we have lost through decades of geographical mobility, community disintegration, and reliance on digital communication.

Supporters & Funders