We are all at risk of becoming isolated and lonely, but those of us dealing with a major life crises are much more at risk. That’s because illness, transition, grief or loss can contribute to existential loneliness, which left unabated, can lead to the much more debilitating chronic loneliness.

Social Health, thanks to community development grants from the City of Glen Eira and the City of Bayside, and more substantial underwriting by Humanists Victoria, has launched an innovative pilot project that will team up volunteer practitioners with older adults, for the purpose of encouraging a way for everyone to find more ‘meaning, purpose and connection.’

The project is based upon a framework being used by Meaningful Aging Australia, which suggests that older adults mediate meaning through several lenses including two that we’ll be encouraging people to focus on with this initative – nature and the arts. Participants are being referred by health professionals who are increasingly using social prescription to connect patients with wellbeing support in the community.

Want to be a volunteer?
• Do you have decent interpersonal skills, an aptitude for compassion, and would like to hone your reflective listening skills?
• Would you like to reduce social isolation and loneliness in your community?
• Can you carve out a few hours a week to companion a person in need?

Could you or does someone you know need support right now?
• Have you been through something like a death or divorce that you’re finding hard to move through?
• Would you be open to having guided conversations – and with someone you get to select – who could offer you opportunities to chat, as well as engage you in activities of your choosing.

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