About the program

We're living in a time of great anxiety and uncertainty - stuck in a seemingly never-ending pandemic, our planet ravaged by climate change, war so awful and unnecessary.  It's a rational response to wonder/worry what the future might hold; to feel overwhelmed, even angry at times.  But that doesn't mean that things like hope, meaning, purpose and kindness can't still be found.

Deep Space is an eight-week immersion into making connections and fostering self-compassion.  It consists of a bit of training along with workshops and activities that you get choose from and even help create, all designed to bring about meaningful conversations that are always safe and sometimes fun.  Deep Space won't provide you with any answers but may help you make peace with some big questions.  Plus, you'll get to meet some great new people!

This free eight-week program is intended for self-development and is not a therapeutic treatment.  It is offered by Social Health Australia, in partnership with Conversation in Isolation, with underwriting from the City of Monash and Bayside City Council.  Deep Space launches Saturday 7th May in Jells Park.

If you're 18 to 25 years old and interested in learning more, fill out this expression of interest or get in touch with us by calling (03) 9028 4867 or emailing getintouch@socialhealthaustralia.org