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My Time to be Heard

Rosemary is just the kind of community member Social Health hoped would participate in our  ‘Meaning, Purpose and Connection’ project.

 ‘Living on your own is very lonely, my children don’t live close by and I just thought it would be nice to have someone come and sit with me,’ […]

A Listening Ear

Social Health’s response to many issues have been inspired by the people we have supported. Of all them, none has been more influential than John Davey. A fifty-eight year-old man with a wicked wit and fierce grace, Davey’s traits were on full display that fateful day when an unsuspecting spiritual care volunteer walked […]

A Crack of Light

The first time I stumbled across the words “death doula” they clobbered me. Strong words made stronger by the drum of their alliteration, but that wasn’t it. It was the startling directness about a matter that concern us all, and which we talk about rarely and […]

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